Ten Year old Son of MehaffyWeber Staff Publishes First Children’s Book

MehaffyWeber supports our attorneys and our staff members. Bailey Moore, the ten year old son of Houston staff member, Qiana Moore, published his first children’s book, Mr. Archie is Missing. In his first book, Mr. Archie is Missing, Bailey based the main character, Jerry, from of his personal experiences at his former elementary school. Jerry is a class clown who seeks the wrong type of attention and disrespects everyone, including his favorite teacher. Bailey wrote this book to show when you respect others you will be treated well and will get the right attention. Mr. Fleming, a counselor at Bailey’s former elementary school, is the reason he wrote this book. Mr. Fleming supported Bailey through a difficult period in his life and he is Bailey’s “Mr. Archie.”

Bailey has been invited to visit Houston City Hall and meet with Mayor Sylvester Turner regarding his book.

Like most young boys, Bailey enjoys spending time with his friends, playing football, and video games, and, of course, reading and writing. Bailey’s mother introduced him to books, and his grandfather introduced him to writing which began his love for both. Bailey decided he wanted to write a children’s book after watching his mother put up a vision board of her goals for the 2017 year. He decided he wanted to work towards his goals as well. At the top of his list was to become an author. Bailey maintains a straight A grade point average at KIPP while playing football with the South Side Cowboys and running track with The Houston Pace Setters. Bailey gives thanks to the many influential people in his life who have made his dream come true.

For more information on Bailey Moore or to purchase Mr. Archie is Missing, please click here.