Protecting Your Hospitality Business From Dram Shop Liability

Dram Shop

​​Many restaurants, hotels, and other businesses in the hospitality industry serve alcoholic beverages. These businesses are licensed to sell alcohol through state Alcohol Beverage Control agencies. Despite most states requiring additional training and certifications for those serving alcohol – including how to recognize intoxicated patrons – in order for a business to maintain its liquor…

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Why Designated Beneficiaries are Important in Estate Planning


​​When it comes to the practice of estate planning, designated beneficiaries are an important part of ensuring your loved ones are taken care of after your death. In the broadest sense, a beneficiary is a person who receives a profit, advantage, or benefit. Following a death, a designated beneficiary will typically receive some form of payout directly, without having to go through the probate process. Though you may think your will or trust will override all other designations to control how money will be distributed after death, this is not always the case. Once beneficiary designations are put into place on a specific account, then the contract provisions specifying ownership and distribution after death will control.

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New Texas Law Provides Construction Professionals a Right to Repair Before a Lawsuit Filing

right to repair

​​Construction lawsuits can often be quite frustrating for those involved. Oftentimes, a slight defect in a job or at a job site can result in a lawsuit being filed before the issue has a chance to be resolved. Now, many Texans working in the construction industry will be pleased to learn of a new law that recently went into effect that helps to mitigate knee-jerk lawsuit filings from occurring.

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MehaffyWeber’s Brad K. Howell Secures Summary Judgment for Caterpillar

brad k howell

​​Summary judgment was recently entered in favor of Caterpillar in a substantial products liability case pending in the Eastern District of Texas.  Plaintiff, AIG Europe, Ltd. (“AIG Europe”), as subrogee of Baker Hughes Incorporated, sought to recover damages in excess of $15 million in connection with a fire at the St. Lucia Well Site fracking operation in Loving County, Texas. 

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