Hotels Shifting to Extended-Stay Properties Face Greater Scrutiny from Insurers

extended-stay properties

​​Although extended-stay hotels do not make up a large part of the industry’s capacity, more operators are switching to this business model. Extended-stay hotels are increasingly profitable for their owners. That’s because they have relatively steady occupancy and they can maintain a lower staffing level. Plus, they do not need to provide as many services as transient hotels have to in order to attract guests. The high profit margins enjoyed by operators of extended-stay properties are an attractive incentive for others to transition their properties from transient hotels to extended-stay properties.

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New Federal Pipeline Safety Regulations Present New Legal Challenges

Federal Pipeline Safety Regulations

​​The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has recently completed its decade-long rulemaking exercise that increases regulation of onshore natural gas pipelines. As a result, pipeline operators will now face new legal issues that could pose challenges to their businesses. PHMSA’s new Final Rule on Valve Installation and Minimum Rupture Detection Standards may also…

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What Companies Should Know About Long-Tail Insurance Claims

long tail insurance

​​In some cases, the injury from being exposed to a harm does not occur until years later. These losses do not occur all at once; instead, they happen over time. The dilemma is that the insurance policy covering these losses may have expired, and the premiums were already paid by the time the damage is realized. At that point, there may be a new insurance carrier that had not been paid premiums during the time the harm occurred.

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What to Do When Your Medical Practice is Audited

Medical Practice Audit

​​Medical practices may face external audits by both governmental entities and private health insurance providers. The audits are undertaken on behalf of those who pay claims to review billing practices and ensure the integrity of the process. Government audits can include Medicare, Medicaid, and recovery audits. The results of the audit can have significant implications for a medical practice. Therefore, it is essential you take the audit seriously and apply certain defensive strategies. Preparing ahead of time is essential because you may not get advance notice that an audit is happening.

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