Amazon Products Liability Lawsuits: How Recent Court Rulings Could Impact the E-Commerce Company


In today’s fast-paced world, we have become accustomed to having the option to go online, find what we need, and purchase those items within a matter of minutes. Everything from a new phone case to a week’s worth of groceries is just a few clicks away. One of the websites we often turn to for these tasks is e-commerce giant Amazon. While typically consumers feel comfortable making frequent purchases from the site, a recent products liability suit found third-party manufacturers used by Amazon could impact the quality and safety of products sold—but what about the impact on the e-commerce company itself?

The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit recently ruled in Papataros v. Amazon.com, Inc., D.N.J., No. 2:17, that a New Jersey woman could indeed pursue a lawsuit against Amazon. This was after a hoverboard purchased through the platform via a third-party company located in China for the woman’s son caught fire and injured him. The Sixth Circuit decision came after a Pennsylvania-based appeals court determined that under state products liability law, Amazon could be sued in a separate case over a third-part defective retractable dog leash that left a woman blind in one eye; which is currently under en banc review.

Amazon wants a New Jersey federal court to rescind or to put a hold on a ruling stating it can be held liable in the state for the sale of an allegedly defective hoverboard. Amazon maintains that the trial court relied on a Third Circuit panel decision finding that. Amazon could in-fact be a “seller” under state law.  However, this opinion has been subsequently vacated for en banc review.

According to its most recent quarterly earnings report, Amazon’s third-party sales account for more than $11 billion in revenue for the company. This decision represented a reversal from previous findings with regards to Amazon’s liability for defective third-party products sold through its platform and is a concern for all selling products online. However, as products liability is often a matter of state law, it is not certain how big of a problem this will be for on-line retailers.

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