Understanding Duty of Care for Commercial Property Owners

​​One of the biggest risks commercial property owners face is that someone may be harmed on their property. In that event, the injured person may file a premises liability lawsuit seeking financial compensation. The main legal issues, in that case, would involve the property owner’s duty of care and whether they breached it. If they owed a duty of care and breached it, the commercial property owner would be liable.

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Professional Liability for Realtors and Real Estate Brokers

​​Many professional services providers devote a large portion of their adult lives to obtaining specialized education and corresponding licenses and certifications. When professionals such as realtors and real estate brokers become the subject of allegations of professional negligence, their careers and livelihoods are put at immediate risk. Our team of experienced lawyers counsel those in need regarding professional liability for realtors and real estate brokers. We have 75 years of experience handling complex matters throughout Texas and beyond and have a sophisticated understanding of the unique issues presented in professional liability disputes.

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