New Ruling Will Impact Multi-family Construction Defect Lawsuits In Texas

Multi-family Construction Defect Lawsuits

​​The construction industry in Texas is booming, and while this has many positive effects, it has also given rise to an increase in construction defect lawsuits. Many of these lawsuits arise from multi-family construction projects, particularly condominium projects. A recent Texas Appeals Court decision, however, reaffirms statutory barriers to construction defect lawsuits arising from condominium projects.

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Mechanic’s Liens In Texas

Mechanic’s Liens

​​Construction projects have many moving parts. Because of this, it’s extremely easy for disputes to arise, which can lead to the filing of a mechanic’s lien against private property. Lien laws in Texas are particularly expansive and complex, so a company facing a lien filing on its property could find itself entangled in a lengthy and expensive legal battle without the help of an experienced construction law attorney.

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