Why Businesses That Utilize Contractor Services Must Be Cognizant of How the Texas Construction Anti-Indemnity Act Is Applied

Texas Construction Anti-Indemnity Act

​​The Texas Anti-Indemnity Act was added to the Texas Insurance Code effective as of January 1, 2012, but since then, there have been many questions regarding how the act is applied and who needs to be cognizant of its application. The term construction is not as important as originally believed, with many contractual agreements for…

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Green Materials May Lead to a Rise in Construction Defect Litigation

green material defects

​​The green building boom has increased the possibilities available to contractors to construct environmentally friendly projects, both in accordance with new government standards and their customers’ wishes. However, along with progress also comes uncertainty. Some of the newer environmentally advanced construction materials may not have much of a track record for safety. While there are…

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Changes in the Construction Industry Open Door to New Litigation

​​The construction industry is always changing as technological innovations improve contractors’ processes. The evolving nature of the construction business will impact the legal picture for industry stakeholders. The number of lawsuits may drop, but that is not expected, and the types of lawsuits may shift away from traditional construction disputes. When adopting new technologies, companies…

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Construction Project Litigation During COVID-19

Construction Project

​​As the COVID-19 pandemic approaches the one-year mark in Texas, the effects of the pandemic on the construction industry are still being felt. Construction companies continue to face challenges in keeping job sites active, productive, and safe for contractors and employees. Texas may be recovering slowly as vaccine distribution has been delayed and new, more…

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