The Increasing Dangers of Maze Ransomware

maze ransomware

​​Ransomware has been a buzzworthy topic for more than just IT professionals for some time now. A recent ransomware development referred to as Maze is proving to be extremely dangerous for the security and safety not only of companies but also of their patients, customers, and/or clients as well. Through understanding maze ransomware and its…

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Spec’s Liquor Not Responsible For Data Breach

Spec's Liquor Not Responsible For Data Breach

​​Cybersecurity is something that is top of mind for many businesses in today’s technology-centric world. Without proper security measures in place, the private information of many consumers, employees, and even employers can be put at risk. When data breaches like this do occur, it’s important to know who could be held responsible.

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Why Your Business Needs To Prepare For A Cyber Attack

Texas Cyber Attack Attorneys

​​Technology has dramatically changed the way we live our lives. Most of us have a smartphone, computer, or tablet within arms reach nearly all the time. Our increased reliance on technology to exchange and store information has created an infinite amount of data, but with it, an increase in cyber attacks and privacy related incidents. As technology and data has evolved, so has the ability of individuals to use the technology for nefarious purposes.

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