Liability Exposure With Oil and Gas Flaring

Oil and Gas Flaring

​​In Texas, oil and gas is big business, with many companies working directly or indirectly in the energy industry. At its core, the oil and gas industry is all about one thing: extracting energy sources and converting them into marketable products. As these natural resources are being extracted, they generally travel through three stages: upstream,…

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Lease Dispute Takes Aim At The Legality Of Deductions

Lease Dispute Lawyers

​​Leases between mineral interest owners and oil and gas exploration companies should be symbiotic. Mineral interest owners obtain payments for the oil or natural gas sitting under their land while oil and gas companies turn a profit collecting, refining, and selling a finished product. However, one of the biggest areas of contention in lease disputes is the amount of deductions made on behalf of the oil and gas company.

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