How To Conduct Coronavirus Furloughs, Layoffs, and More While Avoiding Discrimination Complaints

COVID Furloughs

​​As businesses crawl their way through reopening phases, employers are met with challenge after challenge in regard to how to conduct business in a Coronavirus world. The many challenges regarding employees going back to work have largely and rightfully been centered on employee health and safety. Challenges have forced employers to rethink and reconfigure workspaces,…

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U.S. Appeals Court Holds Wage and Hour Law Applies to Marijuana Industry

wage and hour law

​​As many Americans know, wage and hour laws help govern the wage rates an employer can pay and the hours for which an employer must compensate its employees. The most well-known wage and hour regulations apply to minimum wage laws and overtime laws. Though one would think these laws and regulations are fairly standard across the board for any industry, the burgeoning legalization of marijuana has led to a substantial grey area when it comes to proper wage regulations. Recently, however, a U.S. Appeals Court affirmed a decision that would make the wage and hour law applicable to the marijuana industry moving forward.

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