Can Using AI in Hiring Practices Open Your Business Up to a Discrimination Lawsuit?

AI in hiring discrimination

​​As the economy evolves into one that is driven by technology, human resources departments are busier than ever. It is far easier for applicants to apply to hundreds of jobs given the number of online recruiting services. Companies need to sift through potentially thousands of resumes for each job opening. Many employers have turned to software to both screen resumes and streamline the entire human resources process.

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New Federal Law Bans NDAs in Sexual Harassment Cases


​​Employers often have an interest in ensuring that details of the workplace do not get out into the general public. Accordingly, they often require employees and other business associates to sign nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) as a condition of working at or with the company. Employees, who want a job, usually do not feel as if they are in a position to say no when their employer makes this request, although some states have outlawed NDAs as a condition of employment.

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