The Legal Distinctions Among Discrimination, Harassment, & Retaliation

discrimination harassment retaliation

​​Texas has a history of being an employer-friendly state; however, federal and state laws prevent employers from illegal harassment, discrimination, and retaliation in the workplace. Employers are not legally allowed to hold certain personal characteristics against their employees. There are federal and state laws that protect workers from being treated differently based on traits including…

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A History of Remarkable Cases Through the Years

​​MehaffyWeber in its 75-year history has been lead counsel in many cases that have helped define Texas and national jurisprudence. MehaffyWeber was the trial counsel in the seminal case of Employers Casualty Co. v. Tilley, 496 S.W.2d 552 (Tex. 1973). Tilley was the first case to define the obligations of defense counsel that is retained…

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From Beaumont Beginnings to Statewide Recognition

Statewide Recognition

​​Since the firm’s inception in 1946, MehaffyWeber has proudly represented clients across various industries through its Beaumont office. As the firm grew over the years and demand for its services increased, the need for expansion became clear. The firm now has active offices in addition to Beaumont in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. The attorneys…

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