How Climate Litigation Is Affecting D&O Liability Insurance

climate litigation is affecting d&o insurance

​​As a result of changes in the climate, various world governments and non-governmental entities have encouraged corporations to reduce carbon emissions. Corporate executives have been increasingly required to disclose information concerning climate change-related risks as some investors are demanding more accountability. Directors who misrepresent or fail to consider climate risks and take appropriate action may…

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How Construction Design Alterations Can Lead to an Increase in Professional Liability

construction design alterations

​​Architects and engineers could end up with more than they bargained for when a job changes course. Unfortunately, clients do not always follow the initial designs as proposed. It is not uncommon for a client to change aspects of a job and request alterations from architects and engineers prior to and during the course of construction. However, design professionals need to be aware of the fact that “scope creep” could cause them their own professional liability issues.

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What to Do When Your Medical Practice is Audited

Medical Practice Audit

​​Medical practices may face external audits by both governmental entities and private health insurance providers. The audits are undertaken on behalf of those who pay claims to review billing practices and ensure the integrity of the process. Government audits can include Medicare, Medicaid, and recovery audits. The results of the audit can have significant implications for a medical practice. Therefore, it is essential you take the audit seriously and apply certain defensive strategies. Preparing ahead of time is essential because you may not get advance notice that an audit is happening.

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