MehaffyWeber Becomes Regular Fixture on Top 10 from Texas Bar Today’s Weekly List


Every week, the State of Bar of Texas features 10 of the best articles written by Texas legal professionals. This spotlight is given to industry leaders who provide thoughtful, informative, and relevant content via blog posts, and only a select few are chosen each week to represent recommended content by the State Bar of Texas. As MehaffyWeber is committed to providing informative thought leadership content, receiving multiple recognitions so far in 2020 is a great honor. The following blogs were selected for inclusion in the Top 10 from Texas Bar Today’s weekly list so far this year and represent just a few of MehaffyWeber’s litigation practice areas.

The Increasing Dangers of Maze Ransomware, Top Ten for Week of June 26, 2020

Cybersecurity becomes increasingly important by the day, and businesses are at risk of experiencing cyberattacks that could mean the downfall of a company. The controversial impact of Maze ransomware has already been felt by businesses across industries around the globe. As the attacks become increasingly deceptive and sophisticated, it is highly recommended that businesses practice recommended IT security protocols to reduce the likelihood of a cybersecurity attack. As the traditional work environment has been reshaped by the Coronavirus, an influx of businesses have been forced to transition to a majority or an increased remote workforce, leaving sensitive personal, financial, and business-related data vulnerable to unsecured networks. It is important that businesses and employees remain up to date on potential cyber dangers, including common deceptions used by hackers, what suspicious activity to look out for, and most importantly tips every employee can implement to protect the business as a whole. The Increasing Dangers of Maze Ransomware discusses recent developments in the cybersecurity realm.

The Revocable Trust in the Time of COVID-19, Top Ten for Week of May 29, 2020

The exhausting and tragic realities COVID-19 has inflicted on the world have created an urgent need to address crucial estate planning matters. Our estate planning team wrote the blog The Revocable Trust in the Time of COVID-19 to address will and estate planning concerns by discussing what a revocable trust is and how it could be beneficial during the current pandemic, as well as how to handle these legal matters during such unprecedented times. Estate planning is a legal matter many fail to address until they reach a certain age. While some estate planning concerns grow in importance as a person ages, COVID-19 is affecting individuals of all ages, thus necessitating thinking about estate planning even earlier. A revocable trust – commonly referred to as a living trust – is an attractive option for individuals looking to prepare and protect their assets and loved ones. While many have heard or are aware of the term living trust, we further explain how a revocable trust differs from a traditional will, and given the current pandemic these differences will be significant.

Mediating in the Wake of COVID-19, Top Ten for Week of May 1, 2020

A global pandemic does not come without consequences, and nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives has been altered to meet health standards and safety concerns regarding the highly infectious virus. In Mediating in the Wake of COVID-19, Managing Shareholder Bob Black writes a thought-provoking piece on the effects COVID-19 has had on the alternative dispute resolution process. Mediation traditionally requires an in-person meeting to discuss terms and conditions specific to the case. In a world of social distancing and with stay-at-home orders in place, this traditional meeting style is simply not possible. Black has presided over 4,800 mediations, and shares his insights into the “new normal” of videoconferencing. The introduction of videoconferencing technology has allowed mediation to evolve and adapt during COVID-19 to meet clients’ needs in a timely fashion; however, it comes with a learning curve. Black discusses further questions raised as Zoom and other tools are proving they are here to stay for longer than originally anticipated. Cybersecurity, confidentiality, and virtual meeting etiquette are just some examples of topics that Black covers with his decades worth of mediation experience. For more information on how you can schedule a mediation with Bob Black, click here to visit his website profile.

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