MehaffyWeber Invites You to USLAW NETWORK’s Virtual Event for Women


As a member of the USLAW NETWORK, MehaffyWeber is pleased to invite all female attorneys, in-house legal decision-maker clients, and corporate partners to A Celebration of the USLAW NETWORK Women’s Connection – a month-long virtual event designed exclusively for women, by women.

A Celebration of the USLAW NETWORK Women’s Connection event is a forum for female attorneys and corporate partners to collaborate, develop, and advance the status of women who are involved in civil ligation through the strengthening of personal and professional relationships. This month-long series allows participants to join together in a meaningful way by offering engaging content delivered virtually while still providing distinctive networking and social connections that are an important facet of USLAW and the Women’s Connection.

The USLAW Women’s Connection works to mentor and educate women leaders to not only increase the visibility of women involved in the USLAW NETWORK, but to also provide opportunities for women to facilitate and strengthen business development, extending beyond the attorney-client relationship. This annual event provides information, experiences and events for USLAW NETWORK members’ clients to facilitate education and discussion on particular issues across a variety of legal practice areas.

This complementary event will begin on Wednesday, July 1 and run through the entire month. Those who register will have the opportunity to select from a wide variety of live sessions to attend, while also having the option to view the programs on demand. There is no cost involved for any participant to join, and the program is designed for flexibility: join whichever sessions piques your interest from the a la carte calendar of events. We look forward to connecting with you from afar for this special month-long event.

USLAW NETWORK’s Virtual Event for Women
USLAW NETWORK’s Virtual Event for Women

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The USLAW NETWORK is an international organization composed of over 60 independent, full practice, highly rated law firms that have ties to civil litigation. This includes over 6,000 attorneys across America, Canada, Latin America, and Asia, as well as affiliations with the Trans-European Law Firm Alliance (TELFA) in Europe.

Membership is invitation only, and the law firms that are invited to join the network must undergo a rigorous review process to insure USLAW NETWORK maintains its outstanding caliber of lawyers throughout the organization. Those involved with the USLAW NETWORK are experienced in commercial law, employment law, litigation and other business-related facets of law with substantial trial experience. All members of the USLAW NETWORK provide exceptional legal representation to major corporations, insurance companies, as well as both large and small business operations.