Decision By The Fifth Circuit Court Of Appeals To Broaden Definition Of “Adverse Employment Action” Under Title VII Could Have Significant Implications For Texas Employers

Adverse Employment Action

​​Texas employers should be aware that a recent federal court of appeals decision changes the law with regard to acceptable conditions of employment and potentially exposes more employers to discrimination claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the Title VII requirements had been interpreted…

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U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Opens the Door for States to Compel Companies to Be Sued Where Registered to Do Business

compel companies

​​A Pennsylvania case that was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court in June 2023 has led to a ruling that could result in a substantial change in how companies register within the country. By upholding a state law at the national level, SCOTUS’s ruling could result in multiple states adopting similar legislation, which could be…

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Arbitration Agreements and Warranty Provisions in Construction Contracts

arbitration agreements

​​Construction contracts typically include arbitration and warranty provisions. It is important for all parties engaging in construction contracts to understand exactly what these agreements and provisions mean. If you have questions about your contract or are involved in a construction dispute, a Texas business lawyer from MehaffyWeber can help you find an appropriate solution to…

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Insurers Could Face Future Litigation Complications as Federal Appeals Court Clarifies No Duty to Defend Doesn’t Mean No Duty to Indemnify

duty to indemnify

​​A recently published legal opinion from the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit concerns when an insurer has a duty to indemnify under Texas state law. This principle applies even if the insurance company has no legal duty to defend a tort action against the insured party. Essentially, the Court ruled that…

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