Lawsuits Arise After Winter Storm Uri

defend against winter storm lawsuits

​​In late February of 2021, Winter Storm Uri caused record-breaking low temperatures throughout the state of Texas.   The resulted in an overwhelming demand on the electrical grid that lead to failures and outages at power generation facilities. Over 2.7 million Texas households were left without power, people died, and 254 counties experienced property damage as…

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Construction Project Litigation During COVID-19

Construction Project

​​As the COVID-19 pandemic approaches the one-year mark in Texas, the effects of the pandemic on the construction industry are still being felt. Construction companies continue to face challenges in keeping job sites active, productive, and safe for contractors and employees. Texas may be recovering slowly as vaccine distribution has been delayed and new, more…

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Bar and Restaurant Owners Sue Local Governments

Restaurant Lawsuits

​​From shutdowns to curfews, capacity restrictions to required outdoor dining, bar and restaurant owners across the nation are jumping through hoops to try to keep their businesses open and viable. The entire service industry has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many bar and restaurant owners have become increasingly frustrated with the back-and-forth actions…

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