business transaction lawyers

No business transaction should be taken on without experienced business transaction lawyers by your side. MehaffyWeber has been representing clients in complex business transactions for many years and continues to provide forward thinking legal advice to clients with diverse backgrounds and varying industries. Our legal team is comprised of experienced and dedicated attorneys that have successfully handled nearly every type of transaction. Some of the business transaction services that we assist with include:

Contract Drafting and Review

Many people enter into contracts on a regular basis: even your cell phone plans and gym memberships are dictated by contracts. While most of us rarely negotiate or read these contracts, this is not a luxury for businesses. Any business entering into a contract needs to be extremely careful. Just one bad contract could ruin a business, so before entering into a contract, let the contract drafting and review attorneys at MehaffyWeber make sure your interests are being protected.

Entity Formation

When starting a business, the type of entity you choose will have huge implications for your growth and development. Some types of entities are easier and less expensive to form, but may not be right for your long term business goals. Considerations like liability exposure, creditor protection, state and federal taxes, and potential for investors need to be carefully contemplated before choosing an entity. At MehaffyWeber, we help both first time business owners and seasoned entrepreneurs build a solid foundation for their businesses by selecting and creating the right entities to fit their needs.

Commercial Leases

Commercial leases can be incredibly complicated and are rarely drafted to be friendly toward the prospective tenant. When your business is considering leasing space, you need the assistance of an experienced attorney that understands the nuances of commercial leases. Our attorneys work with clients to understand their business needs and to draft or review commercial leases to make sure the agreement is positioned to be in their best interest.

Mergers & Acquisitions

There are many moving parts in mergers and acquisitions. All parties have a lot to lose if they don’t employ an experienced M&A attorney. When you work with MehaffyWeber, our attorneys provide an unparalleled attention to detail and dedication that makes mergers and acquisitions successful for our clients.

Asset Sales, Purchases, and Transfers

When dealing with the sale, purchase, or transfer of assets, businesses should keep in mind the tax implications of the transaction. Whether the assets are tangible (such as equipment, machinery, or inventory) or intangible (such as intellectual property), elements such as asset depreciation and fair market value come into play. There are specific considerations depending on the type of assets purchased or sold, the overall value of the assets, and if the assets are transferred to or from an international buyer or seller. Protecting your company’s legal and financial interests in the transaction is paramount, and can be done with the help of an experienced attorney.

Business Dissolution

Business dissolution does not have to be a bad thing. Whatever the reason for the dissolution, we help clients reach favorable agreements and provide support throughout the process. We can make sure you understand your responsibilities and help you execute dissolutions and asset transfers efficiently.

Business Transaction Lawyers

With decades of experience, our business transaction lawyers have handled nearly every type of commercial transaction. If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated attorneys, contact us today.