Shareholder Joe Broussard Announced as King Neches LXIX

At the King’s Arrival Ceremony held March 28th, 2017 along the Neches River in Beaumont, Texas, MehaffyWeber Shareholder Joe Broussard was announced as the 69th King of the Neches River Festival granting him the official title, King Neches LXIX. Joe joins a long list of distinguished citizens of Beaumont and members of the Neches River Festival. Joe is a very active member of several charitable and civic organizations throughout Southeast Texas.

Many affiliated with MehaffyWeber have been members of the Royal Court and executives of the Neches River Festival. Joe served as President of the Neches River Festival in 2009. Joe’s wife, Johnnie, served as Social Chair 59 in 2007, Joe’s eldest daughter, Kate, was NRF First Lady in Waiting in 2010 and his youngest daughter, Beth, was crowned Queen Neches 64 in 2012. In addition to the Broussard family, Former named shareholder, Dewey Gonsoulin’s daughter, Anne, was crowned Queen Neches 33 in 1981. Shareholder Michele Smith and husband, Mitchell Smith, were named Citizens of the Year in 2013 and Mitchell was King Neches LXVIII. Many others have been princesses, escorts, or affiliated in other ways.

During his speech, Broussard encouraged the high school students in the audience to return to Beaumont after college to continue giving back to the community.

Debuting in May 1949, the Neches River Festival was organized to preserve Southeast Texas’ greatest natural resource, the Neches River. The Neches River has played host to water carnivals, boat shows, ski shows and regattas. The annual festival kicks off with the King’s arrival by boat on the Neches River. Several events make up the festival including the coronation of Queen Neches and her royal court followed by the Coronation Ball.

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