Four Things Restaurants, Bars, and Hotels Need To Know About Dram Shop Law

Dram Shop Law

​​There are many businesses that can fall within the classification of a “dram shop.” Dram shop is a term used to describe any establishment where alcohol is sold and consumed, including bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. Businesses can face a variety of liabilities when the distribution of alcohol is involved. Because of this, Texas dram shop laws are in place to protect against the overselling of alcohol. Here are four aspects of Texas dram shop law about which business owners should be aware.

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What Businesses Can Learn From the Apple and Qualcomm Partnership Disputes

Partnership Disputes

​​Apple and its chip-making partner, Qualcomm, have been locked in a bitter legal battle for over two years with millions of dollars at stake between the two companies. Though the partnership provided a major source of revenue for Qualcomm, with the entity earning money for each iPhone sold, its relationship with Apple has gone south following several lawsuits between the two.

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