MehaffyWeber’s Brad K. Howell Secures Summary Judgment for Caterpillar

brad k howell

​​Summary judgment was recently entered in favor of Caterpillar in a substantial products liability case pending in the Eastern District of Texas.  Plaintiff, AIG Europe, Ltd. (“AIG Europe”), as subrogee of Baker Hughes Incorporated, sought to recover damages in excess of $15 million in connection with a fire at the St. Lucia Well Site fracking operation in Loving County, Texas. 

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Amazon Products Liability Lawsuits: How Recent Court Rulings Could Impact the E-Commerce Company


​​In today’s fast-paced world, we have become accustomed to having the option to go online, find what we need, and purchase those items within a matter of minutes. Everything from a new phone case to a week’s worth of groceries is just a few clicks away. One of the websites we often turn to for these tasks is e-commerce giant Amazon. While typically consumers feel comfortable making frequent purchases from the site, a recent products liability suit found third-party manufacturers used by Amazon could impact the quality and safety of products sold—but what about the impact on the e-commerce company itself?

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Industries Most Commonly Plagued With Product Liability Claims

products liability claims

​​Nothing can derail a business faster than a wave of product liability claims. With plaintiff’s attorneys advertising on television, radio, and online, product liability claims can quickly escalate out of control. While nearly all industries are susceptible to these types of claims, some industries face them more often than others. Here are some of the most heavily sued industries and examples of how we have helped our clients overcome allegations of product liability.

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